A day in the life of a nurse-what does it involve?

To say that nurses are a little bit busy is an understatement. However, for those passionate about this profession, every day is re-energizing as it is tiring. While there is nothing like a day in the life of a nurse, this article tries to give you an example of one.

A regular work shift for a nurse is eight hours. However, due to heavy workload a nurse may at times be required to extend for up to twelve hours. The notion that a night nurse relaxes more since the patients are asleep holds a big misconception. Some patients might become restless in the evening after resting for a whole day and become more demanding during the night shift. Let’s analyze and see how a nurse starts and ends her day.

Start of a shift

A nurse starts her shift by talking to the nurse handling the patients during the previous shift. Via the consultation, a nurse can know what to expect during the next eight hours when it comes to patients’ diagnosis, medication, dressing, and much more. Also, she needs to go over the doctor’s report for every patient for an update on a patient’s current condition. She needs to prepare treatment sheets for recording a patient’s history as well as other crucial information picked up from the chart. As a nurse, you are also supposed to take a look at the lab reports for the previous tests and those that needs to be done to keep you on track.

Making rounds

The doctor gives a nurse a balanced load on whom of the patients has unique needs and the ones with less need for help. Part of this procedure comprises taking specimen samples for laboratory tests, dressing wounds, monitoring, and assisting the patient with his/her daily needs such as bathing, clothing or feeding them.


After going round the ward, if a nurse has first-time patients, then she will need to fill some forms with the patient’s information. She will be required to write down the patient’s symptoms, family’s medical history, and then get her patients to complete his/her medical examination. The next thing will be to explain to the patient on his illness. Besides that, nurses are also required to deal with medication prescriptions and refill medications too. After that, various routines and check-ups take place until break time.

Another round after break

Once break time is over, the nurse repeats the morning routine again. She then meets with the attending doctor to convey the information regarding the patients well being. During the spare time that she gets, she will have to update paperwork, reports, progress charts, etc. if there are calls during the routine, she will have to return the calls, but doctors can return the calls too.

Final stretch in the afternoon

A licensed practical nurse might be required to perform administrative work such as filing insurance and health care forms for the patients. She is also required to prepare her reports at the end of every shift to be used by the next nurse on duty.

Evidently, a day in the life of a nurse might seem easy to some but challenging to others. However, with the right passion and attitude towards the patients, this is a job that everyone can love. Besides, if you love what you do, it will no longer be a job but an adventure.

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